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HI DOH e-Permitting System - Emergency Preparedness & Response (EP&R)

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The EP&R Section is responsible for planning and preparing for, and responding to hazardous substance releases that may cause immediate and substantial threats to human health or the environment. EP&R has authority given in the HERL (HRS 128D), the Hawai`i SCP (HAR 11-451), and the HEPCRA (HRS 128E) to provide for or coordinate timely and effective hazardous substance release response and hazardous substance reporting.

This section of the HEER Office also focuses on emergency preparedness training exercises for emergency response actions. The EP&R Section's State On-Scene Coordinators (SOSCs) work closely with first responders, State Civil Defense, and other federal, state, and county agencies to help strengthen the state's ability to respond to hazardous substance release emergencies. EP&R staff also provide administrative support and/or technical assistance for the Hawai`i State Emergency Response Commission (HSERC) and the Local (county level) Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs). The annual Tier II reports (and fees) required under HEPCRA for facilities that exceed specified threshold planning quantities of covered hazardous substances are collected and documented by the EP&R staff.

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Address: Liz Galvez
2385 Waimano Home Road, #100
Pearl City, HI 96782
Contacts: Phone #:: 808-586-4249 Fax #:: 808-586-7537

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